Friday, November 28, 2014

Songs were sung! Cactus were placed!

The Knights Of Kii lived along time ago, when the world was a silly place.  They had a unending passion for large cactus's, which of course were extremely difficult to find in the underground.  Don't ask me why they didn't just search the desert.  (Refer to "Silly Place").  Eventually the Knights realized the error of their ways, and went searching in the desert.  They found and collected many Cactus's which they used to decorate their underground lair.  However the one cactus they so dearly wanted they were never able to find.  The cactus of moderate health (tm).  Unfortunately, they died a untimely and horrible death.  During a rather large food fight, things got out of control and one of the Knights slipped and impaled themselves on a Cactus.  Following the death of their friend, the rest of the silly knights jumped on the remaining cactus's and died.  

Thus is the story of the "Knights Of Kii!"  A group of stalwart adventurers who set out on a quest to find and gather Cactus that they so dearly loved.  Bards have often sang great songs about their quest!

O' behold the Knights Of Kii!
Acquiring large cactus's
They placed around their lair
Tis said that they found 
The Cactus Of Moderate Health 
Deep within the underground. 
- Sir Gawain.   "The Worst Bard Ever"  (sorry it doesn't rhyme).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Basic Fantasy Field Guide

I am immensely excited about this! I downloaded it this morning, and this evening I'll power thru most of it.  The field guide has been kicking around in various versions on the for awhile now.  It appears though that they have settled on a finished version of it now.  (Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I think this is the first time its been available as a download on the various rpg sites by one book shelf).  

Even though I just grabbed a copy of basic from 81, I think most of my gaming for the foreseeable future will be Basic Fantasy, as we started a campaign using it and my newb players seem to easily grasp ascending AC, etc.  There is also a new 3rd edition version of the basic fantasy core rules, also FREE! (what in the hell are you waiting for?).  Just a note when I first found out about the OSR, basic fantasy was one of the first sets of rules that I grabbed (being a cheap bugger!), as well as Blueholme.  Which by the way the new version of Blueholme has also been released with a updated cover! 

I think I'll grab a copy of the 3rd edition version of Basic Fantasy, just the pdf for the time being as a reference.  I printed off the 2nd edition twice already! plus most of the modules that are available.  

Product Description: 
Need a few more monsters? You've come to the right place! This tome contains over 180 creatures for use with the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. From ordinary animals to extradimensional intruders, this book contains something for almost any game!

Challenge your players with alien Eelbats or deadly Clockwork Skeletons. Populate your wildernesses with stalwart Chelonians or the wily Rabbit Prince. Perhaps the next tomb your players raid will house a powerful Bone Horror! These and many more weird, wonderful, and wicked creatures lurk within this book.

You can grab a free pdf copy right here

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Inside module information

I posted this on G+ this morning, but its worth a quick blog post as well I think.  

Possible idea for inside cover of new module. 

*If you are a player stop reading this now. 

*You are still reading it aren't you? 

*Those responsible for the subtitles in this book have been sacked"

*There's a orc in the room"

*ahahaha fooled you!" 

*Those responsible for sacking the previous editors of this book have been sacked

Encumbrance & Coins

Just a little note about Encumbrance & Coins.  In all honesty I don't think I've ever worried about encumbrance, I started with 2nd edition, and it just seemed so mind boggling along with all the other rules.  (We were pretty young players).  Reading thru the basic rules from 81, it is a bit more straight forward.  The rule that I've implemented is from Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e.  Which is basically you can carry 10 to 20 things.  I've stuck with 20.  Not including coins.  It's just a bit easier.

Now onto coins.  While I get the point of copper, electrum pieces, I really don't have much use for them .  Obviously encumbrance played a factor back in the day, regarding carrying coins.  That being said I'm a fan of 10 SP's = 1 GP's.  And that's it.

Do you worry about all the extra coin types?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Awesome Review! - The Lizardmen of Illzathatch

Got an awesome review from Joe J. You can grab a copy by clicking the below link, its Pay What You Want.

This is a fun little adventure for the casual old school RPGer that will last 1-2 game sessions. Mercifully light on background, this dungeon can be slapped onto almost any campaign with little effort. Small though it is, the dungeon has plenty of surprises for the careless party. 

Although designed for a 3rd level party, a carefully armed and experienced party of 1st-2nd level characters could probably succeed here too.

[4 of 5 Stars!]

Did anybody catch the little easter egg in the description of the product  yet? 

A little update on #theenormityproject

I am getting very close to being done drawing all the maps.  The problem becomes, when you finish what you think is the last map, and then you draw a tunnel leading off the page.  AH! I gotta draw another one.  (Not really AH! more like, alright I got more to do woot).  Anyways its coming, I"m enjoying it.  At this point because I just got that fairly fresh copy of basic, I think I am going to use it as much as possible.  With one little extra, I am going to add in DEX for every monster for the Holmes & Blueholme players out there.  I think it will be a nice little addition.

Also thanks to everyone for the suggestions about word processing software.  I went ahead and downloaded scribus and I'm going to slowly figure it out.  At this point I think everything will just start in openoffice as regular document (no 2 columns).

I am also going to try and spend as much time as possible reading thru various modules for extra ideas, or threads.  

The list of silly easter eggs has gotten a bit bigger.  :)