Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just gauging interest....pbp

I would like to attempt to run a pbp, possible ongoing campaign if it works out, thru google + communities.  I haven't quite decided what system to use, so far I have LL, Basic Fantasy and Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e I'm considering.  For the sake of argument, dice rolls using BF is probably the most straight forward (ascending armor class).  Part of me though wants to try out old school fighting fantasy, the rolls are pretty straight forward, everyone starts with a skill stat, rolls 2d6 and adds it, vs monsters roll.  Whoever wins does 1d6 damage.  Other than that there's skill checks.  Might be easy for pbp.  I quite like AFF2e, but the way damage is figured out, its extra rolls that might just get confusing while typing.

I think for the sake of argument 4 players would be the best idea.  Anymore and I'll just get super confused! hahaha.

A few options for the actual play are....

Gloomwood Forest - this is a module idea I've been working on, I ran it with BF at home with my players and we had some fun, I think if I did this it would help me finish up the module.

The Overrun Mines - I can easily convert this to whatever system, the only issue is that since its available at drivethru, there could be some spoilers.

The Hunt For Valathune - This is the a re-imagining / 2nd part to a module written for BF that's available thru their adventure anthology.  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thru the mirror

While watching another episode of "Charmed", I believe the last episode of season 5.  I came upon another interesting adventure idea.  Seriously you need to re-watch that show on netflix!   Anyways, the gist is that there is a parrellel world where everything that is good is evil and everything that is evil is good.  So the charmed ones are evil, the demons are good.  Demon of fear, is now the demon of hope.  Within the episode there is a crossover thru a mirror, where the characters are able to talk to there counterparts.  Now here is where it could be interesting in a role playing situation.   Let's say we create a dungeon, not a huge one, like 8 rooms or so.  After that create a mirror image of all the rooms.  The PC's get to a room where there is a mirror and they can see themselves in it.  All of a sudden out of nowhere they switch places with there other selves.  Cue CHANGE OF ALIGNMENT! 

Where this could be cool, is if for whatever reason you have a NPC that is chaotic but is trying their best to not show it, all of sudden they become good, and I mean really good like sparkles and fairies and rainbows good.  And now your Cleric or Paladin rather than being virtuous, are the embodiment of evil.  Obviously this premise would take some doing/planning on the part of GM.  Orcs are good, fairies are evil, dragons are good, elfs & halfing's are evil.

Within the episode the 2 sides had to work together for the common good of both worlds, as the balance of good & evil was extremely upset by having the counter parts in the wrong worlds.

Its a interesting premise, one that I may take further.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Friday map re-tooled

I used the following background from +Billiam Babble THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Inked Adventures - Parchment Pages and Clawed Paper - Stock Art
Please respect that this art is intended personal use at the gaming table and for professional use in fantasy role-playing printed publications (PDF or printed paper).
Not for resale as stock art, or within a collection with other products. Artist: Billiam Babble, rights retained.  Billiam Babble / Inked Adventures (original art) © 2011  Please seek permission for special uses. -

Monday, October 20, 2014

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery




I know I've even done this on a few occasions, but it seems that we can't as a collective get out of this style of making covers for modules.  Now of course I'm not saying that this is the case across the board, there are a lot of great covers for modules out there, that do not follow this format, but as you can see there are quite a lot that do as well.  Personally I think its all based on the throw back of the OSR in general, we want something in our hands that looks familiar don't we?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Map

A little friday map, well actually it was a thursday map, while I was doing some recording I grabbed a pen and had some fun.  I also wrote an article about the importance of the 1 in 6 chance, for Draconic Magazine

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Review of the "Overrun Mines"

I have been waiting till I got home to re-post this review

Nice, short adventure to run. Nothing earth shattering. It is cheap and easy to throw in your campaign and for me the second part of dungeon worked as campaign altering inspiration.

Cheap dungeons to throw in the middle of your campaign, go get it!

Writing for OSR

As a apparent "writer" I sometimes find it hard to stop the darn railroad!   Looking back at AD&D Dragonlance modules, there are very specific goals in mind, and in some cases there are "what to do/trouble shooting" sections within modules to make sure you continue on ye old railroad.

Looking further back at older modules like Keep On The Borderlands, I realize that the entire module was left completely, or atleast fairly open ended.  It takes until the end of the module to realize that there is a evil cult that is not only controlling things in the cave, but also in the keep as well. Obviously some players may never realize this, some players might even team up with the cult and help with any degenerate behavior that they have planned.

From a GMing stand point, I grew up with and wrote adventures for AFF (advanced fighting fantasy), which was all based around a slight railroad and "scenes" within each module, the gist of which was you ended up rooting for the PC's to finish the adventure, and the campaign grew from there (pathfinder anyone?).

I am starting to believe that in order to write really good material for the OSR and GM's you need to give plenty of options, and possibilities and basically let the dice fall where they may, to coin a phrase.  The problem is the conundrum of "this is how I see it and how it would be fairly epic, ie RAILROAD" vs "well here is a bunch of dungeons stocked with monsters, I won't give you any more details on why they are there and what they are doing".

Within the writing I am currently doing on the enormity project, I have created factions , various hints along the way, and I have started to consider, although it may not happen a section entitled "well its not necessarily a railroad, but here's the plot just in case".

I do believe however that tying the GM and or players hands is a bad idea, so I am trying to figure out the best way to walk the line of "here is what is going on" and "here's your free will, do with it what you may".