Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 8

Favorite PC of your own.  I don't get to play a lot as a player, more often than not I'm the DM/GM. The last time I played, it was a play by post game, which was a lot of fun.  I played a halfling thief. Gwimble Lardfeet.  A fairly rotund, but still quick like a cat, always hungry, the only reason he stole anything was for food money halfling thief.  These are the types of PC's I like to play.  As well this is the type of PC my wife likes to play.  Basically Pipin Or Mary.  Her latest character is exactly that.  When she met the rest of the adventuring party they were in Neverwinter at the hamster races.  She caught one of the players cheating and called him on it.  A fight ensued and they all became friends after the fact.

This reminds me to start reading all of my players character sheets and start pulling out little clues that I can use in upcoming adventures.  But I digress....

The next PC I create is going to be the Barbarian type, possible Kodarr as he's just a friggin bad assed.  If you haven't read Kodarrs Komandments you really need to, sometimes they are funny, more often than not there's a nugget of good advice.


Monday, July 6, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 7

My favorite edition is the Moldvay edition of basic.  Although I haven't read the expert rules, I am sure they are quite good as well.  The rules are simplistic and they allow a DM to modify things quite easily, add subtract etc.  There was no real campaign setting that is discussed within the book.  Basically there wasn't a lot of assumptions made, which was good.  

You can grab these rules at DNDclassics.com 

Runner Up
Although not technically an edition of D&D, but an amazing clone, Basic Fantasy is one of the best games I've played.  It has the same feel as the above B/X edition, with some nice extras like ascending AC.  There is a ton of modules, and extras at their site. 
Grab it here

Friday, July 3, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 6

Favorite Deity. 

Lolth!  Cuz she's a bioytch.
Nuff said.

Photo by 
Lolth by jucari on DeviantArt

I am so falling behind on this 30 day challenge, its going to wind up being a "when I get to it challenge".  I'm not finding it that different from the previous one that I did.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A few more thoughts on my OSR mindset having ran 5e.

I've often thought that I'd like to write up my own version of rules, atleast a hack.  I think I will probably still do that, atleast for my own peace of mind.  As I've said before those Lab Lord/OSR/B/X rules fit neatly in my head.  After running 5e for the first time I came away with a good feeling about it, but there were a few things still slowly gnawing at my brain.  First things first at some point I am going to run a nice small dungeon crawl (maybe one of mine, maybe something new!  I'd like to try out the Manse On Murder Hill) using some old school rules just for a taste of how that plays out.  In the mean time, here's a few things that have rattled around my head.

First off I gotta build myself my own GM screen, there's a bunch of tables and helfpul things that are missing from the wotc screen.  Things like monster reaction table from the DMG, a simple smaller treasure table possibly, Basic weapon damage.  An explanation of save vs spell for monsters including convoluted formula (see below).  Of course I have a few wonderful tables lying around that I'd like to have handy for just such the occasions.

Although there are a lot of nice things on it.  NPC flaws, that's handy! NPC name, yup I came up with a guy that sounded an awful lot like "Red Cheddar".  Which was funny by itself, but when you combine that with my wife's halflings name "Brie Crackerbarrel" - which are two types of cheese.  It was mind blowingly hilarious.

Second point of order, Shane must learn the basic's of certain rules.  I pretty well got the gist of most things fairly quickly.  There was a bit of table talk, and I had a GM that had previously ran 5e sitting at the table.  So that helped, but being quicker is better.

Obviously I don't need to run everything exactly by the book.  (I mean really who does?)  But things like ie "A monster needs to save against a magic spell".   Apparently in 5e there is some convoluted formula based on spell level and a bunch of other things.  As a happy alternative, b/x - save as Fighter 2nd level.  So I'll have to figure that out.

Third, and this isn't really a 5e thing, but I am going to attempt to start always rolling attack and damage dice in front of the screen.

Fourth, building my own world, running my own adventures.  Published text is fun, but for the way my brain works I really have to know the in's and outs of everything that happens within the module, or else I feel like I let someone down (myself or the players).  That being said I've just got a wonderful bunch of ideas from a ton of different resources latetly. 

Now back to my rules hack, The players are used to the bit more super powered heroes that are created within 5e.  To make a hack that would have a old school feeling, but with some of the 5e coolness would be a interesting idea to do.  That said even without adding any 5e stuff, things like adding Cantrips (although a bit more low level that ones that are in 5e) would be a nice addition.

I would definatly steal the archetypes, trinkets and handy naming resources that come from the basic free pdf.  Steal is a bad word.  Borrow for my own personal use.

Do away with 6 saving throws. 1 saving throw ala S&W.

Keep the proficiencies & Ascending AC.

Bring back a spell turning table for a Cleric, or devise some evil scheme on how to do that correctly with a d20.

Dumb the monsters back down so they aren't getting pluses across the board.

Why yes math isn't my strong suit why do you ask?

Monday, June 29, 2015

The revised D&D 30 Day Challenge! - Day 5

I am a bit behind on this.  Ah well, its not going to be exactly 30 days.  My favorite dice!  I recently acquired a nice chessex set that are green with white writing.  I haven't really put them thru the paces yet, so I can't say they are my favorite dice.

My favorite dice at this point are clear with white writing.  They were some that I bought a long while ago, I don't believe they are chessex ones, but probably a pick your own bin kinda thing.  The thing I like about them, is that they are really random, which is perfect for DMing, as you get a variety of numbers.  Most players want a 20 that's going to always roll a 20.  Myself though I'd prefer to have the more random ones.  When you are looking up tables and rolling for an outcome, I find its better to have some slightly wonky dice.  But hey that's just me!

That being said, had a relatively funny situation crop up over the weekend.  Any time 2 of my players would roll a crit or really low, they would put those dice away in the "bad dice bag".  Do your players do this?

Another thing I found quite cool was that one of the players had a set of dice that his Dad had used DMing for him when he was a kid.

I have a set of (or almost a full set) of the original dice that came with the basic set.  Of course like an idiot I attempted to paint them when I was a kid, and it turned out horribly badly.  I am going to try and use some paint remover/thiner and see if I can't get them back into shape at some point.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

BBQ/Birthday/D&D 5e

Yesterday was a LOT of fun!  I had four awesome players show up, and we ran thru a good bit of the starter adventure for 5e.  Thankfully the players remembered to talk notes, because there is so much going on.  The nice thing about running the game was that it was all basically our first time, myself running it and the players.  One player had ran the game as a DM before but hadn't played so that was cool as well.  We spent a bit of time checking things out in the PHB, the good news was that it didn't de-rail anything.  Eventually if we continue to play I'll have to read the PHB atleast or buy it.  So that I"m on the same page.  Whenever we finish the starter set adventure, I think we will move directly to a new world that i create.  Because....

MY awesome players bought me the DMG! Wooooo!  This looks like a fun read.  I love all the world building stuff in the book.

Back to the session, I almost had a few TPK's but thankfully a few quick thinking ideas by the players, specifically the rogue managed to turn the tide.  The game is deadlier that I first  thought.  When reading the rules for the first time I was thinking damn these PC's are going to be tough!  But a few instances, I almost killed them in one roll.  Actually that first goblin encounter was almost deadly, pack it up go home hahaha.

One funny bit was that the PC's split that party.


Two PC's stayed at the nice Inn, in town having a few drinks

The other two went to investigate the Rebrands at the Sleeping Giant tavern.  As one of the players was a thief, and had previously been a fence in neverwinter.  He figured he might be able to gather some information on the bridgands.  Well the encounter happened and they pissed em off.  A fight ensued and both PC's started to high tail it back to where the other PC's were.  One got hit with a flying sword and fell unconscious making saving throws, prior to that however he managed to break thru not one but two windows of local farm houses.  (thank you DMG chase rules).

Unfortunately it was raining pretty good out there yesterday so we were not able to play on the deck as I had previously hoped for.  Considering we only really get like 3 months of summer.

My friend Adam, brought his charcoal smoker and managed to make what is called a "bacon explosion" its bacon wrapped sausage with bacon on the inside and bbq sauce.  basically yum!

He also made ABT's which are jalapeno's stuffed with cream cheese and sausage super good!  Here are the pics, before and after. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiding Monsters

Seriously those monsters aren't just always standing around, or playing cards.  Maybe they got a hot tip that some fresh meat is headed there way.

1.  Spring loaded floor - Mucho surprise! Much like the loaded floors at theatres when the performers pop out of nowhere, here's a perfect surprise.

2.  Ye old fake bookcase

3.  Behind the curtains - sure the PC's might see there feet.

4.  In the barrel - perfect place for a goblin to hang out in.

5.  Invisible!  - Sure why not, its been done, do it again.

6.  Teleport - Suprise the PC's by appearing out of thin air.

7.  The ceiling - totally obvious by how many times do you look up?

8.  Hiding inside the pit trap.  - Maybe the goblin is hanging halfway down the pit trap waiting to jump on an already wounded PC.

9.  Under the bed - There's a reason little kids are afraid.

10.   Disguise - maybe the monsters are dressed up to resemble something else, possibly a random merchant or a band of dwarven miners.