Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick Map

The scan kinda blows, and good luck getting across the ravine! I should put a underground tunnel or something.   I am the "boss" today, so of course I'm not actually working hahah.   damn GIMP, I added a WHITE background layer, and she turns out grey? WTF?

Play By Post

The last little while I've been strongly considering running a play by post.  My little "gloomwood" adventure might be perfect, albeit a touch big.  I'm tossing around the idea of either running Advanced Fighting Fantasy or a rules lite home brew of Swords & Wizardry.  From a DM's perspective I think that the S&W idea might be a bit easier to manage.  AFF is great to get me wrong, but as far as combat is concerned its starting to feel a bit daunting.  Combat Example....

Player Skill 7
Dagger 1 2 3 4 5 6
Roll      1 1 2 2 2 2

Leather Armor
Armor Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6
                    0 0 0 0 1 1

Bad Guy Skill 6 
Dagger 1 2 3 4 5 6
             1 1 2 2 2 2
Light Monster Armor
Armor Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6
                    0 0 0 1 1 1

So the gist of combat is the following.

Bad guy & good roll 2D6 and add that to their skill score

Good Guy Rolled 6 + Skill 7 = 13
Bad Guy Rolled 11 + Skill 6 = 17

Good Guy Rolls to see reduction of damage from armor (1d6) = 5 which equals 1 point less damage
Bad Guy rolls damage 3 which equals 2 points.

Good guy deflects 1 point of stamina damage and takes one point of damage.

Make sense?
Here's the errata for AFF

This versus S&W , roll iniative , roll 20 vs AC, roll damage 

I think at the table AFF is easier, but typing S&W probably makes a bit more sense.  thoughts?

In other thoughts....

So from what I gather PREP is your best friend when it comes to play by post.  Also using a mapper to show where everyone is is also quite a good idea.  I like the idea of using a shared google drive for character sheets, hand drawn maps of where you are etc.

Any other thoughts? I'm curious as to other peoples experiences with this.  I have been having a tremendous amount of fun playing in +Johua De Santo  current play by post game.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I love this artwork!
by RalphHorsley
Illustration for 'Into The Unknown'.
©Wizards of the Coast.

"You may think you control your own destiny adventurers, but really...'

I had great fun imagining the Illithid's (mind flayer) lair, aan his dungeon plan laid out before him. The perspective adds drama and interest, whilst the saturated light sources pull the eye around the image.

This painting was also jury selected for inclusion in Spectrum 19.

I always strive to walk within the light

Blog post in response to the following article that was posted on G+

Lucy was starting to hold back tears. We sat in her living room, my iPhone working overtime as my tape recorder, and she was so pissed off it looked like she might cry. She was telling me about our former Dungeon Master, who had exploited our Dungeons & Dragons game to live out his sad-sack fantasy after she'd already flatly rejected his advances just weeks before. "I really didn't want my character to go down that route and have fake sex with this character," Lucy explained to me on that sunny afternoon. But the adventure "didn't get anywhere else unless I let it get more and more sexualized. Once we went down that path that was the only thing that got me rewards in the game, if I kept doing those things. Or at least allowing it to happen to my character and not being like, 'Fuck that shit' and walking away."  quote from the blog post.

My personal thoughts on this subject is that its not okay! not ever.  The whole premise of gang rape is not acceptable anywhere.  Just stupid.  Normally when I run games they are high fantasy.  the PC's are Heroes.  End of story.  If there is even any kind of suggestion that is off the mark like this (which has never happened) I'd probably have a god strike them down!  To quote Professor Slughorn "I always strive to walk within the light". 

That being said if someone wants to run a game like that, fine do whatever the hell you want.  This post just opened my eyes up to how I like to run games.  Its not dark fantasy, I do appreciate a lot of dark fantasy writing that I've read, but to run it you need a specific set of players.  I'm not saying its not okay to kill an NPC, go ahead do that.  Especially if they are a bad guy.  When I write there are clearly defined good guys and bad guys in the game.  And in some cases, it might be a bad guy playing the part of a good guy.  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Expedient Note - Assassins Guild Playable Class

*Notice the change from quick to expedient LOL.   Anyways, I decided to finish up the background & story information regarding the Assassins playable class that I posted a few days ago.  Now that I have a better version of the OGL.  On my walk this morning my head was swirling with a few interesting ideas.  As soon as its up on drivethru I"ll let you know.  To the writing cave batman!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coffee Break Map

Tried out some of my new birthday pens.  It was drawn on a lined piece of paper so I managed to get most of those out with some gimp trickery.  I think I may redraw the cave lines just so there is a separation.  Anyways.  yup.

Railroading and preplanning

I know that a good percentage of OSR DM's out there prefer to have modules with no real railroading, and a basic plot, room descriptions etc.  This leaves a lot of the game in the hands of the DM.  Personally when I've written adventures for my players, I tend to do a lot of pre-figuring as far as reactions are concerned.  It might be partially because I grew up on modules like "The Sword Of The Dales" era AD&D 2e, which was a helluva a railroad.  All this being said, I have a adventure I wrote called "Gloomwood Forest" which I've playtested already.  When I remember my hand written notes, I'm going to write it up correctly with stat blocks and throw it up for giggles.  I will of course pre face the introduction by saying "This is a bit railroadey".  The thing is the adventure is based around 2 maps of a forest, with paths that the PC's can follow (much like dungeon corridors, just a bit more scenic).  Within the adventure there is a bandit camp, a necromancer lair, a old wizards tower, and a few halflings fishing.  Obviously as I stated I have some pre-planned scenarios that happen, with text.  This can be thrown out the window I suppose.

I think I'm rambling....

I suppose the question that comes to my mind, is how much flavor text and plot do you like? I know a lot of guys/gals prefer "the room is 10x15 , there are 3 goblins in it", and leave it up to where the dice fall as far as surprise, morale and reactions.