Monday, July 27, 2015

Weapon name generator

During our recent gaming session, one of the players picked up a mace (that turned out to be slightly magical).  I noted that something was written on the hilt in elvish.  One of the players quickly realized that he did in fact speak Elvish.  Cue GM panic.  Oh hey! I have a scattergories dice.  (a friend of mine gave it to me, thanks Phil!).   Rolled it twice came up with a P and H I believe.  Portent Haste.  good enough!

I realized however that I need a random table to check out once in awhile.   Something better than "Dragonslayer", "Widowmaker" etc.

Roll a 20. 

1.  Besotted Brilliance
2.  Blackened Rhino
3.  Rib Torn
4.  Honest Fate
5.  The Branding
6.  Targ
7.  Nailbite
8.  Starstruck
9.  Sunglow
10.  Windless Star
11.  Considerate Maiden
12.  Admirable Garroter
13.  Impish Inquistor
14.  Dapper Diviner
15.  Vacant Peril
16.  The Odd Jouster
17. Loathsome Protector
18.  Elaborate Vanquisher
19.  Whirlwind Exploit
20.   Grey Water

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brief update

It seems I've spending an inordinate amount of time planning my home campaign.  As such I haven't been able to devote as much time to the blog as I would like.  I guess that happens when you get a chance to do some gaming.  In the mean time I am going to slowly start fleshing out a campaign setting within this blog.  All of this started from this amazing map I found at 

This is the specific map for the campaign world

Starting with the town of Brance  - of which there is a work in progress shot of the town map.

So stay tuned for some interesting things coming your way.

First things first however, I need to name this world!

Keep those dice rolling

Saturday, July 18, 2015

let the hilarity ensue!

Yes my stomach still hurts,  yes I'm still holding it from the bell laughs I had.  at one point I had a player just shaking his head while it rested on the table.  Twas a good evening.  1 part Chthulu, 1 part redbrands, and 1 part Monty Python.  Second episode of the 5e starter set.

After finishing off klarg, the heroes headed back into town, only to be stopped by a disgruntled looking halfling wearing what appeared to be a USPS tunic type outfit.  He handed each of the PC's a letter.  Thankfully and to my surprise, they all pleasantly read their letters and did not divulge any information to each other whatsoever.  (DM win!).

I decided in my infinite wisdom to create the "Phandalin Crier" a little newspaper/rumour mill.  mostly to beef up the players rep, and also to add a few little adventure scenarios for the future.  I'll make a copy of the crier available shortly for download.  there is a hillarious story of a chase thru the village, where one PC did some major Bruce willis and jumped thru 2 or 3 (depends on the townsfolk) windows whilst being chased by a group of ruffians.  (don't split the party).  damn I hope they do that again.  Too funny.   However that was last session.....

The focus of tonight was Brisket.

yes us Canadians can BBQ.  (check D&D reddit)

and here it is.

It was also about the Redbrands, now was the time to take them on.  Everyone had levelled up and was now 2nd level.

after a bit of investigation, and some carousing in the bar, the heroes set out for the red brands hideout.  Due to the fact that there was a whole lotta talk and no action, I decided that on the way to the the redbrands hideout a bunch of wolves had over taken the town and were doing their best to devour some peasants.  send in the heroes.

So 4 PC's + 3 peasants, one of which was wielding a torch, the other 2 had shovels of which they were attempting to "el cabong" the wolves. the fight ensued.....

The PC's emerged victorious and happy, because they got to roll some dice.  Turns out one of the peasants, was the father of "Carp", not to be mistaken by "tuna" (not the same kid, different game, move one, its a joke...moving on").  the deal worked out good from a DM standpoint, because I was later trying to figure out how in the heck the PC's would find the entrance to the redbrands underground lair.  Thank you Carp (round of applause)..... shows up after the PC's had attempted to do the following to get to the top of the wall of the red brand manor.

1.  mage hand + rope and a bunch of silly dice rolling
2.  some one gives some else a boost, fails, and they switch.  VIOLA! the top level of the house is completely burnt out.

Wandering around looking for some way in, to take justice on these poor red cloaked bastards, the PC's finally run into "tuna/carp" who had ran away from the wolves, that chased him away from his house in the first place.

(seriously, listen to your players, let the paranoia happen, and go with it).

After a bit of amazing roleplaying, we are inside.

They run into OTHICAL!

(I'm not giving the name of the beast, I just did a bit of random thinking to come up with something, to keep with old school tradition, I don't want to tell the PC"s what a monster is exactly or what potion / magical item does).

If you have read the adventure you know what othical is.

a bit of a bartering arraignment ensued.

fast forward to a tomb.  a bunch of skeletons are there.


Why yes, ,we decided to name on of the skeletons EILEEN.  after a bit of hack n slash, she lost most of her leg and was hopping all of the place.  Mostly dodging blows from players who kept rolling horribly.  and now that damn song is stuck in my head.


PS.  Get to Waterdeep, before the snow falls. (that makes no sense whatsoever, however I'll post a bit more of the session report when I can.)

I forgot to mention the fight with the redbrands, when a player thru some dust from a tomb into their faces and blinded them.  (disadvantage).

I'm still giggling.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Creepy Assed Moreau Monster Generator

Just finished reading "The Island Of Dr Moreau".  Sparked a bit of an idea for a monster generator.  This is slightly inspired by Ready Reference: Mix & Match Humanoids from the Semper Initiativus Unum blog.

Crossbreed Monster Type (roll 1d10)

1.  Hyena
2.  Dog
3.  Cow
4.  Bull
5.  Ape
6.  Wolf
7.  Rhino
8.  Monkey
9.  Cougar
10.  Roll Twice On Table

Armour Class (roll 1d6)

1.  AC 9
2.  AC 8
3.  AC 7
4.  AC 6
5.  AC 5
6.  AC 4

Disposition (roll 1d8) 

1.  Attacks immediately
2.  Curious/Inquisitive
3.  Disgruntled
4.  Unsure
5.  Stands ground
6.  Flees in terror
7.  Helpful
8.  Submissive

Intelligence (roll 1d4) 

1.  High (repeats the "law")
2.  Average
3.  Low Intelligence (slowly reverting to animal state)
4. Animal (normal animistic behavior)

Alignment (1d3) 

1.  Good
2.  Neutral
3.  Evil

Attacks (1d4)

1.  1d6 damage
2.  1d4 damage
3.  1d8 damage
4.  1d10 damage

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Revised D&D Challenge Day 12

Favorite Dungeon Type Location.  This is a interesting one.  I'd love to do a underwater adventure, that'd be cool!  Of course some Metamorphosis Alpha on a starship would be neat as well.  For that matter running Expedition To The Barrier Peaks.

One of my favorite dungeons is from "In Search Of The Unknown" as you can fill a lot of the details out yourself.  Its a typical dungeon, but there's room to play around in it.  Atleast there are caves and regular straight dungeony tip sections to it.

The Keep On The Borderlands (caves of chaos) alternatively I never really liked as far as a dungeon was concerned.   The next time I run it however I think I will split the caves of chaos up and put them in different locations, rather than a bunch of monsters under a big hill.

Another dungeon I'd love to try and pull off is the Labyrinth that Dyson Logos did for his Frog God challenge module


Friday, July 10, 2015

Planar Gate Map

So the other day I sat down with the new 5e DMG and started working thru creating a map with the random tables on page 290.  While the tables are handy for someone who doesn't really draw maps, I found it a bit restricting.  I got about a quarter of the page done, and then just started going with it.  Afterwards, I scanned it (with new scanner!)  dumped it into gimp and started playing around adding things, redrawing lines.  I found a nice parchment texture and I used Inked Adventures scroll image to add that effect to it.

Whilst reading thru the DMG random dungeon section, I came across the planar gate tables, for creating a dungeon.  I think there is a good chance that I'll be creating a little adventure based on the table shortly.  (probably this morning).   It will be Labyrinth Lord Compatible.

So without further ado.